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We are all wondering about next versions of social media and social networking. Web is becoming more crowded place day by day. Millions of web and mobile applications and an incredible market with billions of dollars. But what will be the next? Unfortunately there is not an exact answer to this question. Maybe good fortune tellers can give some predictions, until a genuis fortune teller found the exact answer. Here are some predictions from an industry expert.

First of all we need to focus on signs and past experiences. In other words we need to focus on web 2.0 and the tools which came with web 2.0. Before web 2.0 internet was a place of simply 2 user types, one of them is the creator and the other one is the audience.

Creator was an indivudual or group of person with adequate technical information about designing and publishing some web content. Audience was a group of person with some interest to creator's content. I know it seems a simple definition, but this is the reality, at the beginning and during first versions of the web, there wasn't complex schemas or definitions.

During years, technological progress started to change the logic and infrastructure of the web. Internet connection speeds were improving day by day, ordinary users were owning advanced computers and mobile devices. A new version of the web became a must, which is called web 2.0.

After web 2.0 Creators and Audiances were merged. In other words, each user of the web 2.0 was not only an audiance they were also become creators. All social media tools, and all projects were designed for this purpose, they were all offering some tools and web 2.0 users can create content with these tools. Last generation of blogging, facebook, twitter and others. Billions of creators make the web a place with unlimited data.

A place of infinite data needs some other tools to collect&organize&share them.

Think about your home, at the beginning you are alone, and you need only one or two closets, once you married, you will need more space, but space is not enough, you also need new closets to organize your stuff, when you have childeren, once again space will not enough neither your closets. Exactly same as the web's latest situation.

Finally we are in a new phase of web and social media, so far, we can call this one social media 3.0. It is time to think about organizing and sharing content. Not creating content, or giving some tools to people to create new content. Here is a simple advise, be relax and stop thinking about Next Big Thing, check the samples below, and start to think about "how you can help the people to organize the infinite content of the web 2.0?"

All of the below samples are not content creation tools, they are offering some tools to help content creators and their audiences to organize web 2.0 data, and make the web more reliable place. They also include different user friendly suggestion tools instead of ugly banner adds.

A tool for collecting and organizing visual stuff which you find on the web.

A tool to find interesting visual stuff, collect and buy them from one place.

A tool to find audio content by a bookmarklet, organize and share the content you find.

A tool for finding, organizing and sharing audiovisuals you loved.

As you can see from above samples they all have same purpose, which is explained within this article.

I did not give detailed explanations about these samples, but you can click on the above links and explore their main ideas yourself, do not hesitate to add any comments to the article.

I hope the article gives some directions to digital marketing and social media people.

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